9 Dog-Friendly Hikes in the Greater Los Angeles Area

9 Dog-Friendly Hikes in the Greater Los Angeles Area

After a healthy amount of rain in Los Angeles, waterfalls are flowing and the greenery is especially lush and fresh. We’ve rounded up 9 dog-friendly hikes in the Greater Los Angeles area you won’t want to miss as the weather gets warmer. As always, be sure to bring along a little go-bag for yourself AND your dog! Items like extra poop bags, treats, Brutus On The Go, a Springer water bottle, and a mini doggie first aid kit can go a long way especially on sunny hikes.


Tree People

1. Tree People / Fryman Canyon

This is a 2.5 mile loop trail that’s partially shaded. You can park right off of Laurel Canyon at the trailhead. If you start your hike towards the right, you’ll get shade on the second half of the trail. If you start going left, you’ll get shade on the first half. Make sure to stop along the way to take in the beautiful views of the lush aftermath of the LA rain. If you’re up for extra walking, you can hop into Tree People halfway in!

Franklin Canyon

2. Franklin Canyon

A great spot for all ages, Franklin Canyon has lots of different trails. You can do a longer, more strenuous hike that starts down at the lawn or you can walk around the reservoir. Don’t skip the turtle pond with all the koi fish and ducks (we’re sure the dogs will get a kick out of that), or the hidden trail heads around the entire park. Just want to picnic? There are so many wonderful dog-friendly spots to set up around the reservoir.

Griffith Observatory

3. Griffith Observatory

Bring a hat to this one! Park down off of Los Feliz for a 2.6 mile (and steep) hike up to the Griffith Observatory. While you can’t bring your furry friend into the observatory once you get there, enjoy the lawn up top with gorgeous views of the Hollywood Sign. Want something a bit less strenuous? Griffith Park has TONS of dog-friendly hikes of all levels.

Solstice Canyon

4. Solstice Canyon

This one’s a trek! With lots of adventurous terrain for your dog, you’ll come across waterfalls, river crossings, views, and varying steepness levels. Half of this hike is shaded and half is unshaded, so be sure to bring lots of water, Brutus On The Go sticks, and come early! There is limited parking, but the drive out is so worth it, especially on a day with clear skies.

Topanga Lookout

5. Topanga Lookout

An Instagram famous spot, this is an easier 2 mile out and back hike that is very dog friendly! Mostly flat, this lookout is worth the detour when you’re out and about on the west side. The trailhead is a bit confusing, so pin it on the map before you get there!

Malibu Bluffs

6. Malibu Bluffs

Yes, it’s a park, but there’s also a 1.6 mile trail that leads down to the beach! Spend the morning grabbing an acai bowl at Sunlife Organics across the street, play some fetch at the park, and then walk down for an afternoon at the beach and a sunset stroll. With easy and free parking, this one’s a no brainer to bring your dog to on the weekend.

Tuna Canyon

7. Tuna Canyon

Get here EARLY (in the morning or a few hours before sunset) or get ready to wait for limited parking to open up. There are a few trails here, all of which are both dog and kid friendly. With some of the most beautiful views of Santa Monica (and Catalina on a clear day), Tuna Canyon is one of those hidden gem trails in Los Angeles you’ll easily become obsessed with. It’s not very shaded, so make sure to stay hydrated and bring hats!

Trebek Open Space

8. Trebek Open Space

Another smaller hidden gem in the LA area, this one can include a celebrity sighting if you’re lucky. With a small dirt patch parking lot along Nichols Canyon Rd, this 2 mile out and back trail is moderately steep, and technically connects to Runyon Canyon if you’re up for some extra exercise. There is one vista point about a quarter of the way up with flat space for picnics and dog meet n’ greets, and a sprinkling of locals walking their dogs in the early mornings and early afternoons. A beautiful and quiet sunset spot, this one is a must-try!

Runyon Canyon

9. Runyon Canyon

No explanation needed here. Runyon Canyon is one of the most dog friendly hikes in the LA area. There are sections that are off leash, but keep in mind that this hike gets packed, especially on the weekends. There are two routes you can take at Runyon, one that’s moderately steep and one that is very steep. There are water fountains for the dogs along the trail, and half the hike is paved vs a dirt path. Runyon is a pretty sunny hike, so make sure to keep yourself and your dog hydrated and protected from the sun. Parking can be difficult here so make sure to come early, or you’ll end up doing a pre-hike that’s pretty steep to get to the hike from the car.
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