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"Brutus Strength" Hawaii Luxury Magazine

Hawaii Luxury Magazine sits down with Brutus Broth's co-founder Kim Hehir. Excerpts​ From April 2019 Featured HILUX Article on HI Society Leaders.   ’Resilient—There’s no other word that could sum up Kim Hehir more effectively. Like most career women who are mothers, the 46-year-old is an expert juggler. The difference is Hehir won’t blink if you set the pins on fire—she’ll just up her game. A lesser woman would have buckled. But not Hehir, who is the co-founder and president of a startup business Brutus Broth it’s a bone soup for dogs. She launched the business with her father, Tom Moffitt, and sister Sue Delegan. “Brutus was really sick. He didn’t have any hair. He had worms, mange, everything. My sister decided...

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Sue Delegan and Kim Hehir, Founders of Brutus Broth, Join The F Project

The female founders behind Brutus Broth, a healthy pet food, join a greater community of women entrepreneurs OWINGS, MD - March 11, 2019 - Sue Delegan and Kim Hehir, sisters and Co-Founders of Brutus Broth, are excited to announce that they have partnered with The F Project, a female-founded platform aimed to gather and support innovative, women-led operations. “We could not be more thrilled to join such a stellar group of women. As busy moms and entrepreneurs, it’s important for us to connect with like-minded women who are forging the same path,” says Sue. Kim adds, “Being part of The F Project is extremely empowering - we feel honored to be in the company of founders of inspiring brands such...

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