10 Summer Dog Treats to Keep Them Cool, Hydrated, and Nourished in Hot Weather

10 Summer Dog Treats to Keep Them Cool, Hydrated, and Nourished in Hot Weather

As temperatures continue to rise, heat waves linger on, and summer weather is in full effect (who’s ready for Fall?), it’s crucial to keep your dog cool and hydrated. That’s where Brutus Bone Broth comes in. Not only does it offer your dog numerous health benefits and can be incorporated into their daily diets, but it can also be the key ingredient in creating delicious and cooling treats for your dog this summer. But first, why Brutus Bone Broth for summer?

Benefits of Brutus Bone Broth for Dogs in Summer:

Hydration: During the hot summer months, keeping your dogs hydrated is crucial. Brutus Bone Broth is a flavorful way to encourage your dog to drink more while providing essential nutrients and hydration.

Joint Support: Summer activities like hiking, swimming, and extra running can put an additional strain on your dog’s joints. Brutus Bone Broth contains glucosamine and chondroitin which can help support joint health and reduce inflammation, keeping your pup active and happy.

Cooling and Soothing: It’s important to remember that dogs run hotter than humans. Making your dog easy and nutritious frozen treats with Brutus Bone Broth can provide a refreshing and soothing sensation for your dog, helping them beat the heat.

Let’s dive into some paw-some recipes that are perfect for the summer season:


banana smoothie

1 - Banana Smoothie

This cool and easy weekend treat will be a hit for your pup and is packed with antioxidants, potassium, and protein. Blend the ingredients until smooth, pour into 3-ounce containers, and free for 3+ hours. This recipe makes 4-5 servings.


doggie cannolis

2 - Doggie Cannolis

They’ll go crazy for this one. A fun twist on our favorite human dessert, this treat is a beef trachea filled with a mixture of yogurt (or pumpkin or peanut butter), Brutus Bone Broth, and other goodies. Wrap and freeze overnight for a refreshing enrichment treat that will keep them busy and refreshed for a LONG time.


3 ingredient pupsicles

3 - Three Ingredient Pupsicles

This one can be modified to your desire! It’s as easy as blending Brutus Bone Broth with peanut butter and carrot baby food or pureed carrots, and sticking them in the freezer. Perfect for those extra hot summer days and a great alternative to giving them an ice cube.


watermelon treats

4 - Watermelon Frozen Treats

The next time you cut up some watermelon for yourself, throw a cup into a blend with some Brutus Bone Broth and peanut butter for a cooling delight for your pup! Freeze overnight in fun molds, and treat them to a refreshing frozen dog treat after a few hours.



5 - Barkaritas!

This refreshing and fun drink will make your pup feel like they're on a tropical getaway with you (and maybe they really are!). Combine banana, pineapple, and mint, with a touch of turmeric for added health benefits, blend it all together, rim the glass with Brutus Bone Broth powder for the proper aesthetic, pour into a glass, and garnish with a sprig of mint and jerky. It’s the epitome of bougie, delicious, AND nutritious!

Fun Facts:
🍌 Bananas are a great low calorie treat for dogs, fat free treat filled with fiber, biotin and potassium
🍍 Pineapples have lots of nutrients, vitamins, minerals for dogs that aid in support of your dog’s hydration and digestion.
🌱 Mint is safe for dogs and helps freshen your dog’s breath and can soothe upset stomachs.
🧡 Turmeric is also safe and very beneficial for dogs. It’s an anti-inflammatory supplement that is beneficial to add to your dog’s diet in small amounts. Freshly ground black pepper will help activate it.

Rocky's brothsicles

6 - Rocky’s Brothsicles

The coolest hack from this recipe is that the handle of the brothsicle is a bully stick! If you can’t give your dog a bully stick, a great alternative is a carrot. Your pup will wag their tail in delight! These colorful and tasty brothsicles are filled with blueberries, strawberries, apples, and a touch of kale (yes, kale is safe for dogs!).

Frosty Treats

7 - Frosty Treats

With four different flavor options, these frosty treats are perfect for hot summer days. You can choose from Strawberry Banana, Blueberry Strawberry Banana, Blueberry Banana, or Peanut Butter Banana. Blend the ingredients until smooth, pour into 3-ounce containers, and freeze for 3+ hours. Each recipe makes 4-5 servings, ensuring there's plenty to share with your furry pals.


Iced Puppuchino

8 - Iced Puppuccino

Ditch the coffee shop puppuccino’s and make your own packed with tons of functional benefits. This puppuccino is a cool and refreshing treat for your pup. It combines Brutus Bone Broth with melted coconut oil, peanut butter, whipped cream, and crushed Brutus Bone Broth biscuits. It's a delightful and indulgent treat that will have your pup feeling like they're at their favorite café.. without being at the cafe.

Dental Chews

9 - All-Natural Frozen Dental Chews

These frozen dental chews offer a simple and natural way to keep your pup's teeth clean and healthy. Wash and peel whole carrots, soak them in Brutus Bone Broth overnight, and give them to your pup. For a longer-lasting chew, you can freeze the carrots before giving them to your pup. It's a nutritious and dental-friendly treat that your pup will enjoy.


Frozen Rainbow Dog Treats

10 - Frozen Summer Rainbow Dog Treats

Eat more color. Yes, it goes for dogs too! Get creative with these frozen treats that feature a rainbow of flavors. Each color represents Brutus Bone Broth mixed with a different flavor combination for different functional benefits. You can choose from Red (strawberries, peanut butter), Orange (carrots, peanut butter), Yellow (banana, peanut butter), Green (greens, celery, peanut butter), Blueberry (blueberries, Greek yogurt), and Purple (cooked purple sweet potato, Greek yogurt, peanut butter). Want to pamper your pup? Prep them all and keep them in the freezer for a colorful and refreshing snack throughout the warmer weeks.

This summer, make the most of the season by treating your pup to these cooling and delicious recipes featuring Brutus Bone Broth. Remember, you can find more pawsome recipes like these in our recipe book: Beyond the Bowl that features 40 fun and healthy recipes! So, grab your ingredients, get creative, and enjoy the summer with your happy and satisfied four-legged friend.
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