Our story began on Thanksgiving Day in 2016 when a family member asked to what we attribute to Brutus' (our dog) longevity. The answer: “Love and Grandma’s Bone Broth.” We found that adding Bone Broth to his diet not only provided him with a tastier meal but gave him added nutritional benefits. Not only that, he loved the taste and adding the broth to his dry food made it more easily digestible. The challenge was finding a way to share these benefits with other dogs. Kim and Sue spent thousands of hours researching the pet market, speaking to experts in the industry, testing and tweaking recipes, designing packaging prototypes, working with ingredient suppliers and manufacturers, amongst other things, to assemble the best possible team to help bring Brutus’ Bone Broth to the market.​​​



    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Sue serves as Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Brutus Broth, Inc. Sue is a graduate of St. Lawrence University and has a strong background in marketing and business. Before launching Brutus Broth, Sue co-founded and served as President of Ilios Dairy Brands, LLC, a dairy company focused on offering an innovative and natural alternative in the dairy segment. The Ilios’ Greek Yogurt Butter was lauded as a “Top New Products” by Supermarket Guru in August 2012 and as a “Rising Star” in Specialty Foods Magazine in November 2012. Prior to launching Ilios, Sue spent 10 years as a fundraising and strategic marketing professional in a variety of non-profit organizations. She focused on major giving ($10,000+), endowment gifts and planned giving. She played a key role in securing gifts from Individuals, Foundations and Corporations as well as handling all Media Relations.


    Co-Founder and President

    A graduate of Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, Kim serves as the Co-Founder and President of Brutus Broth, Inc. She has a diverse background in strategy, marketing, finance and nonprofits. Previously, she was Vice President of Strategic Planning for The Leading Hotels of the World, a luxury hotel company with approximately 500 hotels in 90 countries. Kim oversaw the Company’s overall strategic direction as well as the Company’s ancillary businesses. She was also responsible for sourcing and evaluating new business opportunities and subsequently launching those businesses, which added strategic value to the company. During her 7-year tenure at Leading, she was instrumental in delivering over a 400% increase in shareholder value.


    Chief Marketing Officer

    Julia joined Brutus Broth as Chief Marketing Officer in 2023 and comes to us with over 10 years of marketing, branding, and leadership experience. Previously in the sports and entertainment industry, Julia was a Vice President of Branding and worked closely with numerous stakeholders including dozens of highly recognizable brands, award winning creative and advertising agencies domestically and internationally, and the largest media outlets in the world. She (and her Golden Retriever Bear) are excited to continue to grow the Brutus Broth Brand.


    Chief Operating Officer

    Stephen joined the Brutus Broth team in 2023 as Chief Operating Officer, bringing 25 years of expertise in purchasing and operations within the specialty and natural foods sector. Blending entrepreneurial spirit with corporate acumen, he has successfully brought hundreds of products to market. Stephen's leadership style is characterized by a strong affinity for data-driven decision-making balanced with a passion for fostering team growth. With deep expertise establishing new teams and implementing scalable processes, Stephen is excited to help take Brutus Broth to the next level.


    Chief Financial Officer

    Barbara joined Brutus Broth as Chief Financial Officer in 2023.  She is a seasoned finance executive who began her career in public accounting working for Arthur Andersen & Co and has held leadership positions in the manufacturing and consumer packaged goods industries.  Barbara looks forward to leveraging her experience at Nonni’s Foods and Contessa Premium Foods to help Brutus Broth grow into its full potential.  When not working, you can find her running the streets of Pittsburgh or hogging the mic at karaoke night.


    Procurement Manager 

    Katie is a seasoned professional with a diverse background across various industries. She began her career at L'Oreal South Africa, successfully managing the Graduate Development program before moving into the role of Corporate Recruitment Manager.  Seeking new challenges, Katie transitioned to the healthcare sector, where she gained valuable experience managing a well-renowned private clinical practice. Responsible for overseeing the clinic's operations, she adeptly navigated the intricacies of the healthcare environment, ensuring smooth and effective patient care.  Katie joined the Brutus Broth team in 2021 and currently serves as the Procurement Manager. She plays a pivotal role in driving operational efficiency and upholding Brutus Broth's commitment to top-quality pet food products.


    VP, Brand Marketing & Strategic Initiatives 

    Jaime is a proven marketer with extensive experience in content and overall campaign creation. She has worked on major campaigns for entities such as the Atlanta Braves where she spent several years on their marketing team, and more recently facilitating and executing large, public facing campaigns between leading brands and professional athletes - including Verizon Wireless, Nike, Adidas, and more.  Jaime’s passion for her senior dog Little Bear (+ pups everywhere) and keeping her healthy and happy as long as possible is what drove her to join the Brutus Broth team. 


    Logistics Manager 

    Steph has spent over 10 years in consumer products, including 14 years in dairy processing with 9 of those years focused on logistics.  She brings amazing experience that helps Brutus Broth get to customers quicker and better than ever before.


    Field Marketing and Events

    Sandy manages Field Marketing and Events for Brutus Broth.  Her professional background spans from structured finance at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, to early-stage and private equity investing in industries including energy and technology, to marketing at Brutus Broth.  A graduate of The Wharton School with a Master of Business Administration, Sandy blends finance skills with her passions for wellness and connection through shared experiences.  She and her dogs, Stella and Luna, are excited to share Brutus Broth with the world.  Sandy is a Certified Specialist of Wine, Certified Sommelier, WSET Diploma Candidate, and is equally enthusiastic about sharing her love of wine (with humans, not dogs). 


Tom Moffitt served as a Chairman of Brutus Broth, Inc. A Vietnam veteran, Tom spent his career launching and operating various mechanical contracting businesses. Tom had over 50 years of experience as an entrepreneur and had a strong proficiency in sales, finance and manufacturing. Tom sold his latest business, Pronto Environmental, in 2017 to his longtime business partner. As an avid day trader, Tom was intrigued by market trends and was always looking to capitalize on solid business opportunities. When his daughters, Sue and Kim, started conceptualizing the idea for Brutus Broth, Tom decided to come out of retirement and lend his expertise in sales and manufacturing. He passed away recently, but he was a pivotal part of our success today.


From procuring sustainable packaging and eco-friendly manufacturing practices to educating tomorrow’s leaders about running an environmentally responsible business, Brutus Broth is determined to do its part to make the world a better place.



The health benefits and versatility of Brutus Broth make it an ideal ingredient in recipes and an easy way for you to enhance your dogs’ health and wellness!



Giving back is an essential component of our mission. Together with our Kids Committee, the Brutus Broth team is actively involved in helping animals - whether it’s through monetary or product donations, volunteer days or just spreading the word about our partner charities and the amazing work that they do.