Rocky's Brothsicles

Rocky's Brothsicles

Here are the ingredients and steps:

-1 cup of Brutus Bone Broth
-30 blueberries
-6 medium strawberries
-1/2 cup of freeze-dried apple chips
-1 leaf of green kale (I left this out since Rocky isn't a fan)
-6 bully sticks
-6 popsicle molds

1: Fill each popsicle mold half way with Brutus Broth

2: Wash blueberries and add 5 into each popsicle mold

3: Wash strawberries, de-stem and thinly slice

4: Add 1 sliced strawberry per mold

5: Crush apple chips and add evenly into each mold

6: Cut kale leaf into ribbons and add to the top of each mold

7: Cover each plastic mold with fold and make a small "X" using a knife

8: Insert bully sticks carefully into the mold without pressing foil into the broth

9: Freeze for 6 hours

10: To serve, remove from the freezer and run mold under hot water to release.

Here is the original recipe: