Doesn't this one make you drool?! 🤤  We're going mutts for this delicious Broth-It-Yourself Bowl made by Brutus fan @lifewithadaleegrace! Check out how she makes it!


  1. Steam your pup's favorite all-natural ingredients, and add a splash of Brutus Broth for extra flavor. For Chubbie, she chose ground turkey, carrot, quinoa, and green beans! (Pro-tip: Avoid canned foods if possible due to extra sodium)
  2. Pop your cooled, steamed ingredients into a blender and blend until just combined
  3. Fill the bottom of your bowl with dry food for crunch and then add your blended ingredients. Top it off with Brutus Bone Broth (Beef or Chicken) in your dog's favorite flavor!

This DIY bowl can be anything you want. You can sub any of these ingredients with dog-friendly foods like chicken, spinach, potatoes, parsley, and more! Just don't forget the broth 😉

Chef: Instagram @lifewithadaleegrace 

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