Canine Health’s Game-Changing and Exciting Ingredient: Unleashing the Power of Marine Microalgae in Brutus Bone Broth’s Vegetable Broth

Canine Health’s Game-Changing and Exciting Ingredient: Unleashing the Power of Marine Microalgae in Brutus Bone Broth’s Vegetable Broth

As dog parents, we're always on the lookout for ways to enhance our furry friends' well-being, and the latest buzz in the canine health world is all about marine microalgae. These tiny, but mighty, aquatic plants are proving to be a powerhouse of nutrients for our canine companions.

Brutus (un)Bone Broth - Vegetable Broth

The Digestible Delight: Sea Algae

Sea algae, a category that includes marine microalgae, has a digestion-friendly profile, making it easier for our dogs to absorb compared to their land-based counterparts. Among these, kelp emerges as a superstar, packed with calcium and iron. These elements are crucial for addressing anemia, calcium-related issues, muscle tremors, blood clotting problems, and weakened bones.

Omega-3 Goodness: Nourishing from Within

One of the standout features of sea algae is their rich omega-3 fatty acid content. These fatty acids play a pivotal role in supporting internal organs, fortifying the nervous system, and combating inflammation. Moreover, sea algae contain sodium alginate, a compound that acts as a heavy metal detoxifier, facilitating the removal of these potentially harmful elements from your dog's body.

Immune Boosting Marvel: Fucoidans in Action

Sea algae's positive impact extends to the immune system, thanks to fucoidans. These compounds stimulate the immune system, showcasing anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic (anti blood clots), antibacterial, and anticancer effects.

Algae, the Brain's Best Friend

Recent research has unveiled that marine microalgae supports brain function, especially in senior dogs. Marine microalgae is also a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional fish oil. This source of omega-3 fatty acids not only promotes brain health but also ensures a supply of other essential nutrients vital for the overall well-being of our senior pets.

A Clean, Green Source: Fermented Algae

Algae cultivated through fermentation offers an array of benefits. It serves as a rich, sustainable source of omega-3 fatty acids, void of potential contaminants found in fish-based sources. The quality of this algae provides flexibility in developing pet food products, like Brutus Bone Broth’s Vegetable Broth. 

Supporting the Canine Mind: Proven Results

In recent tests, dogs fed a diet with marine micro-algae outperformed their counterparts on a standard diet. The dogs who ate a diet with marine micro-alrage showed enhanced learning, improved visual processing involving the retina and cerebral cortex, and heightened long-term memory.

Brutus (un)Bone Broth - Vegetable Broth

Unlock the Benefits with Brutus Bone Broth

Now, you might wonder how to seamlessly introduce marine microalgae into your dog's diet. The answer lies in Brutus Bone Broths’ Vegetable Broth. Elevate your dog's daily meals by incorporating this nutrient-rich broth, infused with the power of marine microalgae.

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