5 Summer Safety Tips for Dog Parents + Easy Ways Keep Your Dog Cool In The Heat

5 Summer Safety Tips for Dog Parents + Easy Ways Keep Your Dog Cool In The Heat

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, we start to get excited about bringing our dog camping, going to dog friendly beaches, and really soaking in the sun with our dogs. Most dog parents know the basic rules of keeping dogs safe in the heat: don’t leave your dog in a hot car, check the pavement when it’s hot out before going on a walk, and give your dog access to plenty of water on hot days. There are some more pieces of information, though, that can help improve your dog safety preparedness and reduce your anxiety of being a dog parent during the summer.



1. Keep Your Dog Cool

Dog’s sweat glands are on their paw pads, which is why they have a hard time cooling off. Pair that with the fact that they run 2-4 degrees hotter than humans and you’ve got yourself a hot dog (get it?). There are a few ways you can keep your dog cool during the summer:

  • Keep them hydrated. Just like humans, giving your dog cool, fresh water (or bone broth for dogs) is a great way to keep them cool. Incorporating bone broth for dogs as their hydration allows them to absorb more of the moisture in their bodies because of the naturally occurring amino acids. 
  • Avoid hot cars. This one’s a popular dog safety tip, but super important! Unless you have a car with dog mode, or you leave the car running with A/C and a friend to supervise, do not leave your dog in a hot car. Dogs run hotter than humans, and you won’t be able to pick up on any signs that your dog is overheating. 
  • Let them pause and pant to cool down during hikes and any travel. When dogs pant, they cool themselves down. If you’re going on hikes without shade, make sure to take plenty of breaks in the shade. 
  • Limit exercise in the heat. Just like humans, dogs' body temperatures rise when they exert energy. If your dog loves to play fetch, regardless of the temperature, make sure to limit their exercise and move the fun indoors. 


2. Provide Hydration for Your Dog

By giving your dog plenty of water and nourishing them with bone broth for dogs, you ensure more efficient absorption. For our scientific friends out there, everything becomes more bioavailable for your dog (bio-hacking FTW). On a daily basis, most dogs should drink about 1 ounce of water for every pound they weigh. This means a 10 lb dogs needs about 10 ounces of water daily. And that’s just for your dog’s daily routine. When it’s extra hot out, they’ll most likely need even more. 

Is your dog a stubborn drinker? By adding Brutus Bone Broth into their water, you’ll make your dog’s water taste better and incentivize your dog to drink water on hot days. Going on a vacation? Bring Brutus On The Go with you and mix one stick of our powder into eight ounces of water to make your own bone broth for dogs on the go. We like to say it’s like Gatorade for dogs, since it has all of the additional amino acids, nutrients, and minerals your dog needs to replenish after a hot summer day.


3. Know the Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs

Without going into panic-mode, it’s important to get ahead of heat stroke in dogs. By knowing the signs, you can take preventative measures to ensure your dog is safe during the hot summer months. If your dog is showing signs of heat stroke, take them out of the heat and cool them down as soon as you can. Most dogs start to show signs of overheating when the air temperature is between 81-85 F, so stay alert!

Signs of heat stroke in dogs include:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Rapid breathing
  • Bright red gums and tongue
  • Restlessness to find shade or water

There are a long list of heat stroke symptoms for dogs. We’ve selected the most excessive and obvious ones to limit any over-worrying.


4. Protect Your Dog’s Paw Pads

There are so many innovative ways to protect your dog’s paws these days. If your dog is cooperative, using dog booties can help against both the heat and any foreign objects they may step on during dog hikes. If you have a stubborn dog and they won’t cooperate with putting on dog booties, you can try to use paw balm or even paw pads. Remember that pavement is not the only hot surface for dogs. Hot sand can also be dangerous for dogs. 

Fun fact: paw pads provide traction and absorb shock, easing the strain otherwise put on dog’s bones or joints.


5. Provide Sun Protection for Your Dog

Use a cooling dog hat (oh hello stylish summer dog) and take breaks in shady spots to keep your dog cool during the heat. Take it an extra step by using a sun protection shirt, especially if you’re spending the day out in the heat. 

Don’t be too paranoid about keeping your dog out of the sun, though. Just like humans, exposing your dog to natural sunlight helps regulate their circadian rhythm, promoting healthier sleep patterns. 

By following these easy ways to keep your dog safe during the summer, you’ll ensure your dog’s safety and well being during hot weather. Pairing these tips with proper nutrition will set you and your dog up for success as you seize the summer season together. 

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