1. PRICING All merchants must sell Brutus Broth, Inc. products for no less than the applicable MSRP. If found to be selling otherwise, the merchant’s contract with Brutus Broth, Inc. may be subject to termination. As an authorized retailer you may request a waiver of this policy to be reviewed at Brutus Broth, Inc.’s discretion. Any waiver granted by Brutus Broth, Inc. will be in writing or in email, no oral waiver will be granted. 

2. SHIPPING Brutus Broth, Inc. ships all wholesale orders via ground service. We offer Free Shipping for all wholesale orders over $250.00 USD.

Due to processing times, all US orders will leave the warehouse within two business days.

> US Shipments exceeding 150 lbs. will ship within four business days by common freight carrier.  All shipments will be shipped to valid retail brick and mortar address.

3. MINIMUMS We do not have a minimum purchase requirement. 

4. RETAILER REQUIREMENTS Wholesaler must provide a valid store front address, business websites, business license, and reseller certificate to be considered for wholesale status.

5. 3rd PARTY E-COMMERCE SITES Sales on sites such as Amazon, Ebay, and Craigslist or any other marketplace or classified listing sites are strictly prohibited. By accepting these wholesale policies, you authorize Brutus Broth, Inc. to contact the appropriate 3rd party e-commerce site and request that they terminate your listing of Brutus Broth, Inc. products if Brutus Broth, Inc. determines you have violated these policies.  Brutus Broth, Inc. has the right to terminate your contract with us if you are in violation. 

6. PAYMENT Payment is due at the time you submit your order. Brutus Broth, Inc. does not accept payment terms.

7. IMAGES AND TEXT If you have a merchant account open with us, you may use any images, pictures, or text from Brutusbroth.com as part of your marketing of Brutus Broth, Inc. products. Image and picture resizing is allowed only if proportion is maintained. All images, pictures and text remain the exclusive property of Brutus Broth, Inc. If the images, pictures or text contain a trademark or copyright symbol, you must also display the symbol in your marketing materials.

8. SOCIAL MEDIA Brutus Broth, Inc. encourages all retailers to answer questions on our social media sites and to participate in any discussions. Additionally, please ensure that all promotions shared on the Brutus Broth, Inc. pages are limited exclusively to Brutus Broth, Inc. products. 

9. STORE LOCATOR Your business information will be added to our online store locator immediately after your first order. You are responsible for your listing’s accuracy.

10. COUPON CODES Brutus Broth, Inc. releases coupon codes for retail customers on rare occasions. In the event that a coupon code should be created for the sole use of wholesale orders, a notice will be sent to all authorized merchants informing them of this code and the requirements for use. Please note that the use of retail coupon codes for wholesale orders is prohibited.

11. PROMOTIONS Brutus Broth, Inc. asks all Retailers to limit their promotions to a maximum of 4x annually on all Brutus Broth, Inc. products.  The Maximum discount should be no greater than 20% of MSRP.  Please contact our Sales Customer service if there are any questions on this policy.

12. DROP SHIPPING Brutus Broth, Inc. does not offer a drop ship service. Drop shipping to another retail store is strictly prohibited. 

13. EXCLUSIVITY Merchant exclusivity in any geographic location world-wide is not granted to any authorized merchants at this time due to logistics and enforcement costs.

14. RETAIL SALES As an authorized merchant of Brutus Broth, Inc., your sales are limited solely to retail customers. Sale to other businesses, distributors and/or merchants is strictly prohibited. Brutus Broth, Inc. maintains a high level of customer service for both its retail customers and its authorized merchants, and therefore it is essential that the company maintains full accountability for all merchants world-wide. If you are closing your store, please contact us about liquidating your inventory.

15. USE OF DOMAIN NAMES Brutus Broth, Inc. retains the right to all Brutus Broth, Inc.trademarked names. The use of Brutus Broth, Inc. domain names is prohibited without consent. If you are interested in the use of domain names which include the name Brutus Broth, Inc. for your specific region, please contact Brutus Broth, Inc. to obtain approval.

Feeding Guide

Our serving suggestion is per meal based on two meals a day. 

We recommend serving approximately 1/4 cup of broth per 25 pounds of body weight per meal. Adjust per your pet's needs.