Unleash the Festive Joy with Four Holiday Hacks for Your Pup

Unleash the Festive Joy with Four Holiday Hacks for Your Pup

As the holidays are in full swing, it’s the perfect time to add some festive flair to your furry friend’s life. Make this season special for your pup with these easy holiday hacks (and yes, you can incorporate Brutus Broth into all of these)!

PUPermint Mocha

1. PUPermint Mocha

Give your pup a taste of the holidays with a PUPermint Mocha treat. How do you make it minty? Warm up your bone broth and steep mint leaves for a few minutes. Then mix in goat's milk to make it creamy. Not only will your dog’s breath smell nice and fresh, but they’ll get a little boost of nutrients and some hip and joint support.

Snowflake Bites

2. Anything Snowflake

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.. in their dog bowl! Nothing screams winter like a snowflake molded treat or supplement. Whether you’re making these delicious snowflake bites, pouring straight bone broth in them, or making a delicious easy dog treat of your own, these snowflake molds add a touch of winter magic to mealtime.
Snowflake molds also make for great DIY projects! Engage the kids and create a fun family activity around crafting these special treats for your pup.

Dog Nog

3. Dog-Nog Delight

We’re bringing the classic holiday eggnog to the canine world with an easy dog treat recipe you can make in minutes! Blend together Brutus Bone Broth coconut milk, banana, and dates for a nutrient-packed dog-friendly festive drink. Not only is it lip-lickin’ good, but it's rich in vitamins and minerals your dog needs. Imagine getting your glucosamine fix through a delicious drink... now we’re talking!

Santa Hat Treats

4. Dog-Friendly Chocolate Alternative

Swap your classic chocolate for carob powder and everyone will be happy. Carob is a nutrient-packed chocolate alternative for dogs. It helps reduce inflammation and boosts good bacteria in your dog’s gut. Freeze it together with some Brutus Bone Broth and make your dog a quick PUPpermint Bark, or level up your baking skills and whip up some Santa Hat Brownies that you and your dog can enjoy together.

Brutus On The Go

5. Make Holiday Boarding Easier

If you’re adventuring away while you board your pup this holiday season, we know it can be stressful for them. To ensure they’re hydrated and nourished while they’re playing with their dog friends, make sure to send them with some Brutus Broth and have the boarding team top their food with it! They’ll be enticed to eat while away from home, and you’ll be able to enjoy your family knowing their bellies are full.

Brutus Bone Broth in a mug

6. A Warm Cup Of Goodness

If your dogs are anything like ours, sometimes they get into our holiday goodies. A natural and quick way to help detox their gut is some warmed-up Brutus Bone Broth. Our bone broth naturally detoxifies the gut, and soothes the stomach while giving your dog much-needed hydration. Just a few seconds in the microwave, or a minute or two on the stove is enough to warm up some broth to make them feel all better.

Brutus Bone Broth presents under the tree

6. Last-Minute Gifts For Dog Parents (or Dogs!)

The most unexpected and useful gift you could give a dog parent is probably at your local grocery store. For the busy days leading up to the holidays, Brutus Bone Broth has your back with the perfect last-minute gifts or stocking stuffers. Grab our classic broth or Brutus On The Go packs from Amazon or Chewy, or run to a local store near you like PetSmart (and take advantage of the buy 4, get 1 free deal), Petco, Target, and more!

As the year comes to a close, make every moment special for your furry friends with these easy hacks. Incorporating Brutus Bone Broth into your dog’s daily routine with these easy hacks will ensure that your pups are nourished and hydrated through the craziness of the holiday season. After all, a splash a day keeps the vet away!

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