Women-Founded Brands To Support All Year Long

Women-Founded Brands To Support All Year Long

As a women-founded and led pet brand, we are always on the lookout to support other like minded brands and founders in the space. The majority of the pet and dog food industry is owned by large conglomerates and parent companies with bigger agendas, and, oftentimes, lackluster ingredients.

By amplifying the voices of our fellow women-founders, and shopping women-founded, we can ensure that our pets receive products made with pure love, and without ulterior motives. We are honored to be among so many wonderful founders in this incredibly rewarding space and can’t wait to continue reaching toward that glass ceiling.

Here are just a few of our (many) favorite women-founded dog brands!

Trill Paws

1. Trill Paws

Founder: Rachel Jones

Fun and unique pet ID tags, collars, leashes, and accessories inspired by pop-culture icons and sayings.

Trill Paws was dreamt up to appeal to fun and trendy pet owners who love dogs and design. Based out of Los Angeles, Trill Paws knows that dogs aren’t just pets; they’re family, and they deserve the best.


Pet Releaf

2. Pet Releaf

Founder: Chelsea Gennings

Organic pet CBD oil, topical creams, chews, treats, and more.

Pet Releaf was founded with the sole mission of creating effective, natural alternatives to pet health and wellness supplements, all made with honesty and integrity. To date, they’ve helped more than 5 million pets.



3. Puppington

Founder: Julie Napolitano

Dog wellness products backed by science, made with the purest, safest, more effective ingredients.

Puppington is a realization of Julie’s lifelong dream of building a business that makes the world a better place for dogs. Initially called Pup Wax , Puppington rebranded and expanded its product offering in February 2022.



4. Jiminy’s

Founder: Anne Carlson

Sustainable dog food and treats made with superfood insects.

Jiminy's is one of the first to add powdered cricket protein to dog food and treats. While working with experts to better understand and unlock the many health benefits for our dogs, Jiminy’s is giving pets a healthier, happier life, and, in the process, making our planet healthier too.


Dexy Paws

5. Dexy Paws

Founder: Kourtney Russiani

Trendy and high-quality dog accessories and pet lover products.

Dexy Paws is on a mission to offer high-quality products that ensure a happy, healthy, and stylish lifestyle for you and your pets. They believe every pet deserves the best possible care and are committed to helping pet owners achieve that by thoughtfully designing, sourcing, and testing everything they offer.



6. Springer

Founders: Shannon & Diana Ross

Innovative dog essentials that meet the highest standard of form and function.

Springer is built on the legacy of a family business with over 35+ years of innovation in product design. Springer is inspired by the energy of a Springer dog, and guided by principles of originality, integrity, community, and sustainability.


Pride + Groom

7. Pride + Groom

Founders: Regina Haymes, Jane Wagman, and Heather Perlman

Elevated pet grooming with all-natural, coat-specific luxury products.

Pride + Groom was born because NYC dog lovers wanted the same level of grooming products for their dogs that they themselves enjoyed. Pride + Groom believes every pet deserves the best possible care, and we are committed to helping pet owners achieve that by thoughtfully designing, sourcing, and testing everything they offer.


Kona Benellie

8. Kona Benellie

Founder: Jessica Mashkevich

Soft, comfortable, and versatile blankets for people and pets.

Kona Bennelie’s objective is to bring out the best in familiar comfort items and make them even better. As a true blanket that converts into a wearable poncho, the Throwbee is a great simple solution for chilly moments at home, in the office, or on the field. Their super-soft Kona Pet Blanket is made for maximum pet coziness. As a result of purchases, Kona Bennelie gives blankets to shelter dogs in need.


Vital Pet Life

9. Vital Pet Life

Founder: Donie Yamamoto

Sustainable, natural supplements and products for dogs and cats

Vital Pet Life was created with the core goal of using only the purest ingredients, finding like-minded partners, and educating pet parents. After discovering the powerful, nourishing, an healing properties of salmon oil, it’s the foundation of everything they do. They are proud to be creating change and community in pet wellness and work every day to help all of our pets have a longer, healthier lives.


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