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Philanthropy Is The Core of What We Do

With a mission to “nourish your pet while giving back to the community,” Brutus Broth has built our foundation on philanthropy. We formed the Kids Committee to teach tomorrow’s leaders about entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

Patience & Tenacity

The Kids Committee learns all about the ups & downs of operating a small business and the need to problem solve and pivot at a moment’s notice. They also learn about philanthropy and that it is an ongoing endeavor and not just a one-time act.

Research Skills

You need to make sure you properly research and vet those organizations that you support so that you ensure your donations go towards what the charity says it will.

Time & Financial Management

You need to prioritize and manage your funds. You cannot give more than you have!

Negotiation Skills

Make a case as to why you choose to give to one charity and not another. Why is the charity that you are voting for better than another member’s charity?

Meet our growing kids committee

You’re Never Too Young to Learn the Values of Entrepreneurship

Want to Become a Member?

Kid Committee members also are involved in spreading the word about Brutus Broth – hosting Yappy Hours so their friends’ dogs can try Brutus Broth, posting on social media, wearing our swag and so forth.


5-16 years old


Anywhere! We have members from all over including Hong Kong, Hawaii, California and New York.


The only requirement that we have is that you love animals and want to help. You do not need to own a pet.

Time Commitments

You can put as much or as little time into the committee as you can. Some kids organize volunteer days at a local shelter while others get really involved in designing promotion materials, packaging, etc.


Your parents will need to sign a waiver for you to participate. We do not publish any last names of kids to protect their identity.

Interested? Join our Kids Committee today!